Just Me…Coming back


I took a couple weeks off from blogging to kind of clear my head, focus on some other things, and pretty much to get over my own sh*t! I’m gonna warn you now, this is a longer post than normal so bear with me! I’ll be blunt, trying to “become a  blogger” isn’t easy. I went into this thinking I need to have an outlet for my creative, fashion loving, traveling obsessed, food enthusiastic, spastic-nerd self and well I got caught up in the “what does everyone else think/ comparison game.” Let me be honest when I say that I understand all good things come with work and dedication and I am willing to go full force with both, but for this girl sometimes the thoughts in my head can interfere with the confident woman I believe myself to be.


As a clinical therapist, I preach to the adolescents, teens, young women, and older women I work with about the importance of loving ourselves and being confident in who we are. What happened is I was teaching it to clients and forgetting about it myself. I started to feel overwhelmed thinking about gaining followers, having the best outfit, having a professional photo, designer buys, my body, and the “idea” of blogging. I really started to get a bit anxious. I thought I could manage my full-time job, start a fashion/lifestyle blog, take care of my home and family, oh and PLAN A WEDDING all at the same time without freaking out! Who was I kidding?? Only *myself* I lost site of what this blog was supposed to be, fun!


I consider myself a strong, confident, determined woman. I like the way I look on most days, I have an amazing life full of wonderful friends, family, and the best fiancé a girl could ask for, but still… I was feeling like I wasn’t enough. I found that I was scrolling through IG comparing myself to these bloggers with 300,000 followers and I felt “less than.” I started to feel like my body wasn’t beautiful, that I was “fatter” than usual, that my hair looked blah, and that I didn’t have the talent needed to help others with fashion and advice. I stopped working out, haven’t eaten the best, stopped planning posts ahead of time, haven’t taken a new photo, haven’t thought of a fun blog idea, and spent my time with work and some wedding planning. I can’t even blame my lack of blogging on my lack of time- because let’s be real if you want to do something bad enough you will make the time for it! My overwhelming self-doubt took over and I started to think of giving up. I spent the past 3 weeks looking at wedding venues, working, and getting caught up in the “give up” game. Well, today that changes. I am going to continue to write this blog even if my dad and BFF are the only ones who actually read it. I am going to take chances and throw myself out there. I am going to dedicate more time to the things I love and less time to worrying about what others might love. I am going to be as confident as the 8-year-old girl in the picture below is. And if no one follows, no one comments, and I end up spending time doing this only for myself and 3 readers, well then that’s okay to me!


** above photo is a glamour shot I took with my mom when I was about 8 years old. I remember the day perfectly and remember telling my mom I was gonna be a model because taking pictures is fun. So let’s use that positive energy for this blog.

More fun pics and topics to come!


lots of love

dani ❤

Some spanx and a cold shoulder…


Hey girl hey,

Is anyone else crushing this Thursday? Thursday are my craziest day… I typically see about 10 clients, cook, clean, and do some laundry, oh and on a good day workout! I’m super excited to head to the SFL Girl Gang mixer tonight to meet with other local bloggers. Check IG stories for some pics during that.

While I have a break I thought I’d share this fun look with you.


I cored this cold shoulder top during Nordstrom anniversary sale and I’m sorry to say its all sold out. Obviously, I made sure to find you guys some other similar options. I think they’re pretty cute, too!

Cold Shoulder and Ruffles

Cold Shoulder Sweater

Target Top



I know I’ve shared my obsession with Spanx, but seriously if you don’t have a pair invest in one. I haven’t been brave enough to try another color other then black and the black motto but that copper pair is calling my name. My 21 year old self would’ve been all over them!

My boots have also been of favorite of mine, I’m actually wearing them right now. I love velvet so when I saw the black velvet option of these were on sale I snagged them and luckily for you they are still ins tock! Here’s the link: Marc Fisher over the knee boots – Velvet 




I have been incorporating statement earring more, especially with outfits that are black and white or base colors. I’ve linked my Earrings for you. Great buy also from DSW! My sunglasses are Henri Bendel, but are no longer available, so I found a similar pair for you here by Quay.

Anyone else share my Spanx obsession???



1 skirt… 3 ways…


Peeps, I got the most amazing “style on a budget” look for you today! I saw this awesome skirt on a fellow blogger babes IG, check her out, I’m digging her page (especially if you’re a new mama), Midtown Magnolia. The first look is a work-friendly look. All from Target, duh! I decided to tie up the bouse because it wasn’t sitting well on me tucked in. I think depending on your body style and preference try it tucked in or tied.


This blouse is part of the A New Day line that I have been talking about nonstop. It’s on major clearance with limited availability so shop it fast!! crepe utility blouse <– link




I decided to step away from the feminine work style and show you how this could be a casual look (also work friendly) but warmer for our winter weather. Throw on a fun chunky cable knit sweater (black, gray, white, cream, or navy) any color would work and some chunky boots!

My sweater is much older from the Loft, but don’t worry got a budget-friendly one here for you from H&M!


I also wanted to style the skirt for a night out. Those girls in colder climates, throw on a leather jacket to keep this look going. I love a good bodysuit and this one is an oldie but a goodie. Its open back adds a nice touch. I’ve worn this for so many different occasions, from rehearsal dinners, date night, even work with a blazer! My exact bodysuit is no longer available but I’ve linked a similar one here.


My booties are from DSW for under $60…I’ve linked them here. Spend $39 and get a free weekender tote!

My block heels are older and I’ve linked them to a previous post here.

Glasses are Henri Bendel – no longer available.

Do you guys like the 1 piece 3 ways post? I’ve been thinking it’s something I can do more often. I usually wear the same item multiple ways to recycle more from my closet without getting bored. For example, I wore this skirt with a denim button down and chucks the other day for a lunch meeting and felt like I was wearing a whole new skirt.



Chunky sweaters and perfect weather…


Getting bundled up in FL is one of my favorite things and we all know its a rare occurrence. Josh and I are taking our engagement photos this weekend (eek!) and I am hoping this beautiful weather continues throughout the weekend. I’m currently wearing a poncho and cashmere socks as I type this and man does it feel good!!

I’ve talked about this denim before. I scored these jeans during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I’ve been hooked ever since. Luckily for you they are on sale again! BlankNYC denim  <—- (link)


This camisole is silk with a lace accent and I think its a great top for adding some style to a simple look. Last time I checked it was still in stock and on sale! I’m wearing an XS (runs big, especially for us smaller chested girls). Loft cami <— link here


This sweater is near and dear to my heart. It was my grandmothers and she literally wore it everyday, especially when it was 95 degrees here in FL, no joke! The chunky cardigan look is in and I’m so thankful for it. Luckily for you guys I found a similar sweater from Urban Outfitters. My grandma was a “fashionista” long before her time and didn’t even know it! similar sweater <— link



I know I shared with you all that Target now has a Bauble Bar line called sugarfix and I’m stoked up! These fun pom pom Earrings come in many colors and are a great statement earring to jazz up any look. This crossover ring is also a fun piece. I like to stack rings and keep it mixed up with some simple thin band sand then some others that have more going on. Its my way of channeling my inner Phoebe (yes another FRIENDS reference).


This Tassel Tote is from DSW and I have been loving it as my work bag and throw around. I needed a sturdy black bag for the season and I didn’t want to spend a fortune. This bag is under $50 and I love it!! Sure, I think every woman should own at least one nice designer bag, but should you go crazy having every designer bag- nope.

Hope everyone had an amazing week!




A leather skirt never hurt nobody…

Man oh man… the weather here in Florida is confusing. It’s hot 80 degrees one moment them “cold” 55 degrees the next. I can’t seem to get it. One thing I do know, a cute leather skirt (mini or not) is the perfect item for either temperature this winter season.


Let me start by saying I firmly believe every woman should have a leather skirt in their wardrobe. I scored this beauty from All Saints, about two years ago and I love it. I do believe that if you splurge a little on a piece like this it’s worth it. Mine still looks new after many wears!

I found another great option from JCrew and linked it for you. It’s under $100 and is a pleated midi skirt. I’ve been eying it for a while 😉.

My top was featured on the blog in a previous post and is a great Target find. It’s part of their A New Day lime and I’m loving everything they have. Plus it’s a steal for under $25! I’ve linked it for you here.

untitled-5486These peep toe booties are also older but don’t you worry, I found a similar affordable pair for you from DSW and linked them for you here! I actually like this pair I linked better cause of the studded detailing… so cute.

The great think about a leather skirt is you can dress it up, make it causal with a simple tee, wear a sweater, throw on some tights, wear with heels, over the knee boots, or some sneakers and you will look great! It’s all about setting the vibe for the look you are going for! Stay tuned this leather skirt will be featured again!

As always… happy shopping friends!



Wrap it up trench… another fun Amazon fashion look


Oh hey Tuesday! I’m sitting here watching Kelly & Ryan ( if you know me, you know my obsession with Kelly Ripa runs deeeeep) and writing this post thinking about all the positive things that are to come. Today, I plan to tackle my closet and get stuff cleaned out as well as map out outfits for our engagement shoot in two weeks. Maybe I have too much piled on for today, but worth a try.


Let’s talk about this look. For me, I love layering with vests, kimono’s, and pieces like this. I think that adding layers creates a more textured look. This vest is amazing and it was an Amazon find! This is a trench style vest that can be worn many ways. I’ve linked it for you here. It’s only $15.99 and is available for Prime!


For today’s look, I decided to stick with winter whites. I’m wearing Loft basic whiten denim, linked here. Loft is doing an extra 60% off sale and these jeans are currently on sale! Hurry up and order, they sell out fast. They’re available in curvy and modern, both skinny cut!


This top is from Abercrombie. I love the V-neck cut on this one and its the softest cotton. A basic stripe tee is always great and workes well for pairing with pieces like this trench. This T is on sale for under $10. I plan on grabbing it in other colors too! Snag it here.


My booties are older but from DSW. They are crown vintage. A brand I was not familiar with until I started shopping at DSW and I love them. They are super comfortable and have worn well over the years. I’ve linked a similar pair here, they’re under 70$.


I kept it simple with accessories. I’m wearing a diamond ear climber earring and a gold bauble bar T pendant necklace. Persol sunnies that I’m obsessed with (they are linked in previous post, Style on a Budget with Amazon…)!

Similar earrings here

Similar necklace here

Happy shopping friends! Stay productive peeps and share what you think of layering pieces like this!



2018… Resolutions or Not

Real Talk… I continue to hear the phrase “new year new me” and to be honest with you I hate that phrase. Why does it need to be a “new you?” Why can’t it be same person just happier? I often find that I struggle with setting New Years resolutions then feel defeated at the end of the year if they’re not achieved. Don’t get me wrong, I think goal setting is imperative for self improvement, but this concept of a resolution just for a new year has too much of a weighted stigma.

I’m going to be real with you… the first week of January I didn’t work out, I ate unhealthy and too much, drank more alcohol than usual, and did not focus on productivity. I took the week off from blogging cause I was feeling “where is this going…”

In therapy I practice with my clients how to set SMART goals (goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time oriented). In my opinion this is a great way to set goals. I work with them on how to stay motivated and how to achieve. I continuously help others to be their best self, but honestly this past month or so I wasn’t helping myself. So for this new year I am not setting a resolution but instead I’m setting a goal to be the happiest self I can be.

For me being happy encompasses being healthy, feeling accomplished, staying active and motivated, giving love and time to my family/friends, and for this year planning a damn wedding!

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to set my goal for a happy 2018 and work each day to make it happen. Today started with this post… tomorrow cleaning out my closet. 😉

Do any of you ever feel this way? Who else is dragging their feet on getting started for 2018?