Taking the first step…


(disclaimer: this will be my longest post… just had a lot to say to kick things off!)

I’ve decided to start this blog after I’ve told myself for the past year “I CAN’T do it.” It’s funny how often we tell ourselves that, when in reality, we CAN! Growing up my Mom always told me about the importance of journaling. I would see her take her journal out at night, write for a couple minutes, say her prayers, and then kiss me goodnight. When I was little my journal consisted of pictures I would draw and lists of things I wanted with the hopes that my Mom would sneak read my journal and buy me everything on my “I hope I get… list.”

Joke was on me… I never got anything off that list. In college, I studied psychology and my mentor (and favorite professor) told me journaling is pretty much crap. He said, “why write down things you could say out loud?” …And at those words, I gave up journaling. It wasn’t until life got hard and I felt lost that I started journaling again. And this time I REALLY journaled. It was helpful and I enjoyed it, but it still wasn’t enough. Then blogs came to be! I have to admit, I didn’t understand the purpose of blogging at first until I started reading some blogs that really inspired me – it was then that I realized this is the “say it out loud” my professor meant. Why write down my feelings if they’re not going to be heard?!

Which brings me to today and my start of preserve street. I admit my turning 30 in January did a doozy on my psyche. My Type A personality took over and so I began writing my vision for life in my thirties. Everything from fashion, health & fitness, travel, and the everyday girl (woman) “stuff.”

So in an effort to preserve my true ME into my thirties… preserve street came to be. My manfriend and I purchased a home on Preserve Street about a year ago and I think the play on words is beneficial in giving my readers (if I get someone outside of friends and family to read) the concept I’m looking for. I want to create a community where we can come together and talk about the everyday stuff. Let’s share life hacks, fashion tips and all that in between … I’m adult enough to say I can’t ADULT alone. 😉

Working in the mental health field I often feel like I’m the CRAZY one; so in an effort to keep my sanity, let’s give this blog thing a whirl. Get ready I have lots to share with you and hope you can find solace in becoming part of the preserve street community.

Girls, stay positive and let’s smile through our 30’s and beyond. After all, everyone keeps telling me this is supposed to be the time of my life….



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