Styling on a budget…


Alright ladies, today’s outfit post is a fave of mine. This jumper is perfect for summer- brunch, shopping, or any summer occasion.  Dress it up or keep it casual. I’ve already worn it 5 times since I bought it 😳

Are you ready for the best part?! It’s super affordable only $30 and you can get it at Target! @target @targetstyle




It’s great with sandals or wedges! Oh and do you love this bag? It holds more then you think… and yes it’s from target too and only $30! I know, amazing!


Did I mention the straps are adjustable? Yup. I’m wearing a size small.


Ok I could go on and on, but you get the point. Amazing summer jumper-  culotte style,  split in the front. Comfortable and affordable! All part of my Styling on a Budget posts. Comment below to let me know how you would style it 😘👯

ps stay cool,




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