Keeping it Clean…

peonies pink

Okay,  I will admit it: I’m a neat freak! And honestly, I am not going to apologize for it. I enjoy having a clean house and have learned that clutter causes depression and mental confusion. For me keeping the house clean is enjoyable. I don’t view it as a chore. I realize for others that’s not the case.

For those of you that struggle to keep things clean, I can help! I’ve created a checklist for myself and am going to share with you all in an effort to help get you into the cleaning mode.


Here’s the deal, when you create a checklist and a cleaning schedule you will find it creates a habit. Once you do your cleaning in an organized fashion for a month you will see, it gets easier and less stressful. You will notice how much more productive you can be and how quickly you will be able to keep things clean.

Here are some additional cleaning templates I found on Pinterest, they didn’t seem to work for me but thought I’d share.



TCB Printable Cleaning Planner


stay clean peeps

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