Friday Favorites 7. 28

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to start a weekly favorites post to share with you things I’m crushing on this week. I think it will be a fun way for us to share products, fashion, and local activities together.  Some things you may have seen in previous posts, on my IG or my FB. These are things I want to highlight for the week, some of them have never been in a post. The point being, I’d love for you to comment and share your favorite things as well!

1.) TARGET JUMPER  –> Yes I am still obsessed with this jumpsuit/romper I can live in it. If you missed it on the blog I posted it for my Style on a Budget series. It’s from Target and only $30. The material is great and this summer I have been living in rompers, they’re just too easy and help keep cool!

target jumper 

2.) BREW DR. KOMBUCHA –> If any of you follow along on IG you have seen me post about Kombucha. I love it. I try to drink a bottle a day. It gives me a boost of energy, has a ton of health properties and tastes delicious! A favorite brand of mine is Brew Dr. I get mine from Fresh Market and normally on sale 😉 They have many flavors. My go to lately has been clear mind. It’s a mix of green tea, rosemary, peppermint, sage, dandelion, and probiotics.


3.) Kristin Cavallari Laurel Peep Toe Booties –> I have been obsessing over these booties for a year and never got them. Then they were out of stock everywhere and now they are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I couldn’t have been happier to see the are only $99. They have 4 colors in stock: camel, gray, black, and nude. They are amazing and will be featured on a style post soon. They are a great transitional bootie, especially for us gals here in FL that get like a 2-week winter all year. I got them in the camel color and am honestly considering getting them in the nude color also (not kidding I love them)! I linked them below for you if you want to shop them yourselves. And ps, Nordstrom does free shipping ALWAYS!

cavallari bootie



4.) TV WEAKNESS: THE DEFIANT ONES –> OK, I’m prepared for the backlash for including TV in this list, but come on, who doesn’t love to binge watch some TV. And this show was amazing. It’s a 4 part documentary on HBO and it’s amazing. I cannot put into words how inspirational I found it. It’s all about the music industry and how Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine partnered up. I don’t want to give away too much, but whether you like rap music or not won’t matter, it’s great despite your music taste!



That’s it. Just a couple of my favorites for the week. I look forward to hearing about some of your favorites. Comment below 🙂



3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 7. 28”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I will be heading to Fresh Market to try that Kombucha. You look beautiful❤️

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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