Friday Favorites 8.4

Happy Friday peeps!!! I’ve rounded up my favorites for this week and I’m so excited to share them with you.

1.  Bloomingdale’s frozen yogurt: Ok, as many of you have seen on my IG or Facebook my obsession for Bloomie’s frozen yogurt has been long and strong for YEARS. Let me explain why. It’s fat-free and has the best texture and creaminess of any frozen yogurt I have ever had, and my favorite part only one flavor a day. That’s right you have the choice of plain original frozen yogurt swirled with whatever the flavor of the day may be. My favorites are strawberry, coffee, and of course chocolate. Go treat yourself… you deserve it. The top floor of any Bloomingdale’s at their Forty Carrots Cafe!!


2.  Animal Kingdom on TNT:  As I think about my weekly favorites I want to share with you guys shows I am watching. This is currently on the air and season 2.  Now let me make it clear it’s not for those that can’t handle some action and definitely not family friendly. I can’t believe how much nudity and sexual content they can show on cable TV! But despite that, it’s really a great show. Suspenseful and worth watching. Some people say it’s  the surfer version of Sons of Anarchy ( I have never seen sons of anarchy so I can’t confirm that), but I look forward to it every Tuesday night! Set your DVR’s and give it a try.



3. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorites: I am sure you guys have seen, heard, and are sick of the Nsale advertising so let me start by saying, I’m not sponsored or endorsed to post about any of this. I truly think the Nsale is the BEST sale all year. Designers give great prices of things that typically I can’t afford the rest of the year. Some are still a splurge, but when compared to the original price the savings are unreal. Most importantly there are only 3 days left to shop. Sale ends August 6! Hurry up and grab what is left… and be prepared to shop the sale with me earlier next year!!

tb floral espadrilles

Tory Burch espadrilles. I have a pair already and love them. I wear them all the time. They do stretch out a bit but not bad so purchase true to size and if they’re a little tight, they’ll loosen up.

TB flats

Tory Burch Claire Ballerina Flat. I have been eying these for a while and couldn’t wait for them to go on sale. I purchased an 8 but needed to exchange for an 8.5. These are an amazing classic flat great for work and polished weekend looks. They have them in 3 colors and it took all of my restraint to not purchase the gold as well. I stuck with the black because everyone needs a classic black flat in their closet 😉


ASTR the Label satin ruffle romper. Guys this may be a top purchase. for me. It was under $50 and is so comfortable and fits great. I ordered a small and it’s TTS. It is flowy, flattering and looks great. Not to mention a good length for shorts. Awesome for summer and transitional into Fall. For those of my fellow Floridiansans its great all year round. You will see this up on the blog as a post soon so get ready!!

Clinique chubby sticks have been in my makeup bag for a while so when I saw this mini sampler kit I couldn’t say no. There are 6 wonderful colors. I’ve worn each one and honestly like them all! At only $25 they are a steal. They are smooth and light, have a great shine and the color lasts!! I couldn’t be happier with this kit.


BP cold shoulder button down shirt. This one I was wary about, but when I saw it in person and got to try it on for myself it confirmed my love. I am really into cold shoulder anything lately and I know the trend may not last long but at only $29.90 it’s worth it. The shirt is cotton and runs TTS. I ordered a small and its loose and fits great. They have it in gray too I just felt I could do more with the white!

That’s the round up for the week. I know it was very Nsale based, but with the sale ending, I wanted to show you guys all my faves while they were still available. Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what are your favorites for the week?! Happy Friday loves!



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