Let’s Get Organized…

Do you ever feel like you are moving a mile a minute and still not getting things done?


I used to feel that way all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-profile CEO or a stay at home mom, managing a daily schedule is extremely important. Writing things down and making a planned agenda DAILY has been proven to help people be more efficient. I know I am always wishing I had just 25 hours in a day saying, “just one more hour would give me the time to get it all done.” Well, that was when I was unfocused and unorganized. I know it may sound “type A” and perhaps it is, but I would die without my planner.

agenda tj maxx

Let me clarify how you can turn a simple agenda into a lifesaver. Keep all your notes in one place! I used to have a grocery list here, a to-do list there, reminders in my phone. Everything was all over the place and I thought I was organized. Sure, I was writing it all down, but I wasn’t keeping it in one place and half of the time I wasn’t looking at my lists. I try and pick an agenda that has all the holiday written in, has a compartment or folder to hold extra papers, has a monthly calendar and also a daily one. Like this TJ Maxx agenda that’s only $7.99 or this Target agenda  for under $20.

target agenda

I normally score an agenda at Tj Maxx or Marshalls and I typically switch it over with the coming new school year. Even though I haven’t been in school in what feels like a gazillion years, I like to keep an agenda in that format because I find these ones have more options.

So let’s get organized, write something that motivates you, check your agenda daily. Write your days reflections at night when preparing for the next day. I promise you, you will feel more organized and use your time more wisely this way!

Happy Planning!



3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized…”

  1. Motivation I certainly need on this subject. I am the one at work with post it notes everywhere and 5 different notebooks for no real reason. Plus the phone reminders which are weak. Time to get organized. Thanks Dani!


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