Friday Favorites 9.1

Hey Guys,

Friday Favorites is going down… lots of goodies below. 

1. Loft Satin Joggers : I have been obsessing over joggers and comfy pants lately. These are great because you can dress them up for work, but also keep a relaxed look as I did below. I featured this pair because they are still in stock and on sale from Loft.  Check out my previous post, Loft Loves Double Dose for a more detailed look at this outfit!


2. Fresh Flowers:  I have been keeping fresh flowers in the house all summer long and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Having fresh blooms in the house always makes me feel happy. Even if things aren’t the tidiest, looking at beautiful flowers helps make my house feel more like a home! These are a beautiful bouquet Josh brought home for our anniversary and man have they really bloomed! I love them. I typically get flowers each week when I head to Trader Joe’s for my weekly shopping trip. They have a great selection and you can’t beat the price. Reason number 1 billion why I love TJ’s!


3. Oreo Thins: WARNING… these are addicting. I was gonna get a cute shot of me opening them to include, but then I realized I’ve almost eaten the whole box. Nabisco,  you’ve really outdone yourselves with these. They are lighter than a regular oreo and in my opinion pack more flavor. I think next time I’ll portion them out in snack bags to help control myself. I grabbed these at our local grocery store, but I’ve seen them at Target also. 


4. Game of Thrones:  I know, I know. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about GOT. This HBO series has people all stirred up, including me! Josh and I finallllly finished the season finale last night and it did not disappoint. I was at the edge of my seat every minute. For those of you that have never watched, give it a try. Start with the first season and pay attention. Character building grows throughout each season. I don’t want to give anything away, but this fantasy series will have you dreaming of this mythical story (honestly I have had dragon dreams, lol). 


Hope you enjoyed this weeks round up! Have an amazing holiday weekend and enjoy your time off. I’ll be heading to Sarasota to spend time with my family. My IG and Facebook feed will be flooded with pics of my beautiful nieces.



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