Friday Favorites 9.29


FRIYAY!! Hey guys! I’m looking forward to this weekend and excited to share this weeks faves with you. October is around the corner and we are getting ready for a fun vacation (yes there will be lots of posts and details on the blog once we get back). I’m in full “fall” mode… pumpkins, transitional clothes (even though its 90 degrees here in FL and who are we kidding we’re lucky if it will ever get below 80), and planning for holidays/fall fun!

The first fave I wanted to share with you is my denim jacket obsession. Denim jackets are great for adding to our summer outfit and making it more fall and a great layering piece. This is what I’ve learned, you can’t go cheap when it comes to this staple piece. I don’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but most likely it will run $100+ for a great denim jacket. Trust me it will last forever. This amazing BlankNYC denim is from Lilac and Lilies boutique. The studded detail, distressed look is perfect for any look. 


Another favorite of mine and a Pinterest find are these mason jar salads. They’re my go to for meal prepping for Josh and I during the week. They are easy to grab and go and taste delicious. You can make any kind! The one below I brought to my besties for a day of playing with her newborn. She’s a busy mama so these mason jar salads are great. This one is quinoa, romaine lettuce, cabbage slaw mix, broccolini, hard boiled eggs, and sunflower seeds. I like to bring my avocado separate and cut it when I’m ready to eat so it stays fresh. I’ll share some more mason jar salad recipes on the blog or IG soon!



This granola is a must! I go through bags of it. I eat it alone as a snack, mixed in with plain yogurt, or on top of ice-cream for a treat. Its crunchy and has a great almond butter taste so no need to add PB2 or peanut butter when using it. 

TJ granola

You all know I try and bring a new show in my faves weekly post and I got a HILARIOUS one for you. It presents as a reality show and is very real life, but its not. Its an FX original serious called, Better Things. Its about a mom who is an actress raising 3 very unique girls all on her own. Its only 30 minutes and is a funny quick watch. Even Josh loves it. Its only on season 2 and comes on every Thursday night! 

better things

I’d love to hear some of your favorites. Share some secrets… find anything good on Pinterest, have an awesome snack you can’t get enough of, a good sale, a fun vacation spot- share the wealth!

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One thought on “Friday Favorites 9.29”

  1. We love better things!!! Season two is deep, I love her writing and the characters. Also obsessed with that granola from Trader Joe’s.


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