Friday Favorites 10.6

It’s that time of the week and man do I wish I could fast forward a couple hours today!! Josh and I leave for our trip in the am and my excitement is through the roof!!!! I cannot wait to share with you all about our Napa and San Fran trip.

This week I picked some great items to share.

  1. The Giving Keys: This is a jewelry company that I first learned about with my lil sis (she’s great for nonprofit fun info 😉 thanks Jada). Their motto is to “dream, create, and inspire.” It’s an LA based company that has created jewelry including these awesome necklaces. Their mission is “Through our social impact
    employment model, every product you purchase supports job
    creation for people transitioning out of homelessness.” And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Homelessness is an epidemic in our country and one that most people blame on substance abuse, well that’s not all its about. Its about mental health and peoples need for support not disgust! Its a project I am passionate about and wanted to share with you all. They have some great pieces t reasonable prices from $15-$50. These necklaces along with other items are stocked up at lilac and lilies boutique. Check ’em out… they’re also sold in many stores and online.

2. Velvet Heart: This is my recent favorite. I love a cute causal look for weekends, running errands, going to a game, grabbing lunch with friends, and keeping it cool. These Velvet Heart shirts are super comfy and help keep your casual look from getting a sloppy vibe. You can be casual and still look cute! Throw on with your favorite pair of jeans (these are BlankNYC), some sneakers, and a hat and you are good to go. This is basically my uniform when I don’t have meetings or work. All of this is found at lilac and lilies boutique.

3. Okay, this is a much different favorite item than I usually post each week, but I figured what the heck! John Gottman is the guru of relationships. No I am not married, yes I have had my share of long relationships, yes Josh thinks I’m crazy when I preach about communication (but he loves it), and yes I practice this with my mental health clients all the time. The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work is a great read for any of us in that long term relationship. Let me be honest… marriage and relationships are work, but if you can work the right way it will make life together better! Give it a read and let me know your thoughts.


4. The Cosmopolitan: After reading that book you’ll need one of these! HaHaHa! A Cosmo was my go to drink for a while, yes Sex and The City was to blame, but as a former bartender I can tell you its an easy and wonderful martini. Until recently I have always made it that same way. While at dinner for Josh’s Mom’s birthday I had the BEST Cosmo I had in a long time. The bartender and I got to talking and hers the trick- NO LIME JUICE. I was shocked, how can you have a Cosmo with no lime juice. Instead he adds a very small bit of fresh lemon juice and twists the lemon rind into the drink so the essential oils are at the top of each sip. Simply fantastic! Its 1 and 1/5 ounces of vodka, 1/4 ounce lemon juice, 1/4 ounce triple sec, and 1/4 ounce cranberry juice. Shake it till its super chilled and you won’t be disappointed!


5. Friday Faves wouldn’t be the same without my weekly show suggestion. This time I’m suggesting a dramatic thriller that will make you think. This is not a light hearted one. Mr. Robot is a USA show that is about to air its 3rd season. Catch up now so you can tune in. Its about a “computer programmer working for a cyber-security firm is recruited by a shadowy organization dedicated to the destruction of corporate America.” It starts October 10th and 10 PM.


I hope you guys enjoyed my picks this week. Let me know what you want to see more of- food, fashion, beauty, cocktails, shows, etc.

Have the best weekend!



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