Friday Favorites 10.20

Happy Friyay!

Josh and I have a ton of home projects to tackle this weekend, and I plan to get all the fall decorations up! Got some of my favorites for you this week.

  1. Jumpsuits: I shared how much I love rompers, especially for summer, but during fall a jumpsuit is perfect. This one is from Lilac and Lilies. It is perfect for that Florida weather and would look great with a denim jacket for a cooler day/night.

2. Banza chickpea pasta: Okay! I just had this last night for the first time and I’m obsessed. Healthier pasta? God has answered my prayers! The flavor is rich and hearty but the consistencies is exactly like pasta. I like mine a bit more al dente so I only cooked it for 7 minutes. I used this particular rotini for a vegetable pasta sauce with mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and eggplant- even Josh loved it! I grabbed mine from Target, but I’ve seen it at other stores. Try it out and let me know what you think.


3. Trader Joe’s pumpkin ginger ice-cream cones! Holy wow they are amazing!!!! I’m a sweets girl and have to have dessert every night (sorry not sorry) and these are great. They’re mini bite size, under 100 calories, and are just enough to satisfy my cravings. I will be devastated when pumpkin season is over and these are gone.


4. Will and Grace is back! I watched this faithfully when it originally aired and always caught re-runs in college. Its back and comes on every Thursday at 9 pm, NBC. I am so happy its back. I record them so I have a short funny show to watch when I am doing something or have an extra 30 minutes to chill. They’re also streaming all the past seasons online through NBC link. What girl doesn’t want the perfect gay best friend and bitchy drunken co-worker that’s hilarious?! Sign me up!



Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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