Style on a Budget: Loft friends and family sale

Guys, its friends and family sale time at Loft and its time to stock up. EVERYTHING IS 50% off. I rounded up some of my favorites here for you!

  1. Sweater Blouse


2. button blouse in plum

loft 10

3. herringbone seamed skirt

loft 9

4. floral shift skirt

loft 8

5. cold shoulder ruffle blouse

loft 6

6. o ring belt

loft 5

7. herringbone zip pointe leggings

loft 4

8. pintuck pointe leggings

loft 3

9. autumn silk scarf

loft 2

10. pj’s

loft pjs


That’s my top 10 pics all coming at under $50 when you use code FRIENDS. Hurry up and shop, sale ends at 3 am! Free shipping on orders over $125.

Now to order some stuff and sneak it into the house… #shoppingaddict

Happy sale shopping!



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