Friday Favorites 12.22

Hey Friday!

Man, it’s been a couple weeks since I posted a favorites post. This week I wanted to share a bit of everything: food, fashion, TV, and gift ides.

*Lets start with recipes. For those of you that have Publix, have you tried their Apron meals? My sister in law is always sending me ones she’s tried and the family has loved. They are easy ways to make something quick for dinner. She recently shared the Kalamata Chicken with Orzo. Seriously, try it!!! I have been using the slow cooker as much as possible and I am so thankful for the time saver it’s been!

apron meal

Here’s the link for the recipe!

*Another favorite of mine are these Spanx faux leather leggings – in Motto Style. They are amazing. They can be worn in many different ways and are great for holiday time. Dress them up with some heels or over the knee boots, keep it  casual with a sweatshirt and some Adidas (like I did here). They can make anyone look good… Super flattering (even for the girls with no bootie)! I’m considering getting them in other colors. I was lucky and snagged mine during the anniversary sale. They’re available at lilac and lilies boutique , Nordstrom, and Amazon. Yes, they are a splurge but just like Lululemon, they’re worth it.


*Has everyone watched Stranger Things on Netflix? Josh and I recently started and are on episode 4- I’m hooked. It’s like a mix of ET, the goonies, and growing pains. I know that sounds crazy, but I have no doubt you’ll love it. Completely worth the Netflix subscription. There are only 2 seasons so with the break with holidays plenty of time to get caught up. C’mon Christmas Netflix binge- Yes. We will need a break from Home Alone and Stranger Things will be the rescue!


*Holiday Cocktail! I always like to make a *sepia* drink each holiday. This year I plan on trying a new sangria. My mother in law make the BEST red sangria so in keeping with the theme, I thought lets add a delicious white to have this year.


Thanks Pinterest for this amazing white sangria! Cant wait to have this for Christmas 🙂

Let’s talk gift guide!

For her… diffuser , candle, scarf, perfume, hat

For him… back pack,  slipperscologne, headphones, men’s valet

It’s funny how as we get older the Holiday’s don’t have as much excitement to them. Maybe it’s because the responsibility of everything makes it feel like a bigger chore. I know for me I always get a bot anxious, missing those that aren’t with us and stressing about what to get everyone. This year I decided not to stress. I’m going to focus on all I have to be thankful for and enjoy the time with family. I am fortunate enough to have the best family (friend family- I thin I used that right) and amazing parent’s in law (soon to be official!) to spend Christmas day with, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Cheers to the Holidays and making this year even better then the last!



One thought on “Friday Favorites 12.22”

  1. Stranger Things!!! The best. You described it perfectly. Also, I have seen those Spanx moto leggings and have been wondering how they fit, I will see if I can find them on sale! That recipe also looks great to try.


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