Friday Favorites… Final of 2017

Happy Friday!!!

I can’t believe its the last Friday of the year, 2017 is over people! I always Take time to reflect on my year and think of all the amazing things that have happened. This was one heck of a year and I am thankful for its ups and its downs. This year I turned 30, started this blog, got engaged, my bff had her baby nugget, celebrated all the amazing people in my life and faced some challenges. All of which help me grow and give me a reason to look forward to 2018. Let me tell you… 2018 is gonna be a year to never forget!! Here’s some favorites I’m still crushing on and have been for a while.

BlankNYC jacket (link)

*This denim jacket is everything. Yes, it’s a splurge, but it’s worth every penny. I love it. It goes with everything and is a fun staple piece. Trust me it’s an item people won’t forget when they see it on.

bar set

whiskey set (link)

* I have loved decorating and re-decorating our bar cart. Its a focal point in our house and I particularly love incorporating fun glass pieces like this whiskey set. It’s on sale right now from Nordstrom and you have to grab it. There’s something about happy hours at home with Josh that I’ve grown to love, but of course can’t use some *regular* glass…. I want it to feel special so we use sets like these. I find some great stuff for the bar cart at Homegoods too!


Beverage Dispenser (link)

*A beverage dispenser was on my list for a while so I was happy when we finally got some. A favorite for us to use it is to infuse different alcohols for holiday parties. Our family loves Jameson infused with bananas. Trust me it makes the whiskey taste like bananas foster dissert. It’s so good you can’t even tell your drinking alcohol (its dangerous, drink responsibly)! It’s fun to come up with different creations and share with family and friends. Has definitely been a great hosting gift too!

water bottle

glass water bottle (link)

*Let me start by saying this year has been my year to eliminate plastic from my life. I’m still working on it, but the one thing I have been strict with is my water bottles. I only use glass bottles, and this one on sale from Nordstrom is great! I love the round top and think it looks fancy. I don’t know why but I have a thing for fancy drink ware.


Not Your Mother’s blonde shampoo (link)

*This shampoo smells amazing and works great. Its budget friendly for under $9 and is the best! I use it to help maintain my blonde highlights. I had never heard of purple shampoo until this year and then once I started using it I found the topic came up a lot amongst my friends. Now, I have every HOOKED! I get mine from Target, but it’s available at a lot of places.


Dior Lip Glow (link)

*Okay, My Aunt Anne introduces me and my sister in law to this lip stick and I cannot explain to you how obsessed with it I am. It adds moisture with a very subtle bit of color to your lips and it is worth every cent! Yes it’s a splurge, but I have seen a big difference in my lips since I’ve been using it. I apply it every day… multiple times a day and have noticed how much better my lips have gotten. They are not fry and never have that chapped look. It’s available at all department stores, I linked mine from Nordstrom where I typically purchase it.


cook book (link)

*This skinny taste cookbook has been a go to for me all year. I really took the initiative to cook a minimum of 3 nights a week. I am extremely fortunate that my mother in law cooks family dinner every Wednesday and Sunday so that leaves just a couple nights that I need to prepare for. If you are ever lucky enough to have a mother in law like mine (seriously a saint) make sure she knows it! I often search skinny taste recipes online (there are a ton for free plus she links the weekly meal planner). There’s lots of options offered and her site is user friendly. I like the cook book too because it has healthier recipes not featured on her site and sometimes I just want an actual book.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite things from 2017! Make sure to subscribe to my site by clicking follow below and entering your email so we can make sure to stay connected in 2018!




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