About Me

untitled-6790aquarius. obsessed with my pup doak. dedicated to my manfriend. favorite color is blue. family and friends are everything. tea addict by day wine lover by night. neat freak.  germophobe. dark chocoholic. a complete “clutz”. shoe lover. former figure skater. hates peeling hard-boiled eggs. loves to cook. travel obsessed. trying to ball on a budget. always tardy even when I think I’m on time. a total blend of monica and rachel (if you don’t get this reference stop reading my blog) … if you want to know more feel free to ask!


I’m a licensed mental health counselor living in the South FL area. I live with my manfriend (feels silly to say boyfriend when he’s so much more and I love the S&TC reference). I graduated from FSU (GO NOLES) and went on to Brooklyn College for grad school.  I’m currently working in my field but needed a creative outlet for myself. Trying to figure out this transition from my 20’s to 30’s and hoping to create a community of women looking to do the same and stay positive… Go ahead and read my posts to learn more about me and my journey through life!