Engagement Party Faves!


While wedding planning is in full effect I promise to share as much of the planning details with you all along the way! Finding the perfect outfit for an engagement party is not an easy task. Since our event was catered with a more formal feel I decided to dress up a bit. I got this white jumpsuit from White House Black Market. I’ve linked this exact one here and it’s on sale for $120.


My amazing little sister (pictured above) is responsible for my awesome fishtail braid look. I usually wear my hair down with loose curls, but when it’s a long event and outside I usually try and tie it back to prevent frizz and looking a mess at 1 AM.



My future mother and father in law were responsible for throwing this shindig and we are so grateful for them providing us with this amazing party. We have family and friends there to celebrate Josh and I taking this next leap in our relationship.

The below picture is of Josh and I gave a thank you speech. Party manners 101… always remember to thank your guests and hosts!!


The rundown of the party… We had the event catered by the cook and the cork located in Coral Springs. They did a FANTASTIC job! They provided all the food, the staff, tables, chairs, and linens.

There are many ways you can do an engagement party from a families house, to a restaurant, to a clubhouse in a neighborhood. We decided to have ours at Josh’s parents’ backyard which works great for parties. We kept the decorations minimal with tasteful hydrangea arrangements that offered a bit of a Gatsby theme. Our colors were black and gold.

If I could do it all over again I would hire a photographer so we could have done a better job at capturing more of the details of the night. Fortunately, these are memories that last a lifetime.


Catching Josh and my dad at this moment above makes me so happy. I am your typical “daddy’s girl” and rely heavily on my father for guidance.  Lucky for Josh he’s given him his full approval!


The love we received from our family and friends was unimaginable. I’m looking forward to the next journey of this wedding process!


Note to self… next time fewer tequila shots!


bride dani 😉

California Dreamin… San Fran


In October we took an amazing trip to California. We visited Napa and San Francisco. I posted all about our Napa trip and how special it was for us… if you missed it, check it out!

One of our days in SF we explored Alcatraz. This was a favorite for Josh. We got a great deal on tickets and it included the ferry to the island. The tour was very interesting and it was fun. I’d highly recommend it. Here’s the link for tix: Alcatraz Tickets


Our view of the golden gate was clouded by smoke from the wild fires… but it was still a site!

Below is me in a jail cell learning just how small it was!


On our last day in San Fran we went exploring and visited Sausalito! I loveeee this place. Rolling hills, cute shops, pretty views, and yummy food. This girl was happy!


We had lunch @ The Spinnaker and it was amazing. After some yummy food and lunch cocktails we finished exploring the town and then headed for the woods.


Walking through the Muir Woods felt unreal. The huge red cypress trees created a covered canopy of shade and it was beautiful.


We stayed at the Hotel Adagio And loved it. It’s downtown San Fran close to fisherman’s wharf, easily accessible for Uber’s, and had the cutest hotel lobby bar. Josh and I went down there for happy hour one night and it was a lot of fun.

A favorite restaurant we ate at was the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. It was a short cab ride away and the food was the BEST Thai food I’ve ever had. This is a SF must.

We had some yummy Italian at contadina. Another awesome meal. SF did not disappoint.

If you’re heading to San Fran I hope this travel post helps you out. I’d love to hear your cali recs too!

Happy travels!



Just Me…Coming back


I took a couple weeks off from blogging to kind of clear my head, focus on some other things, and pretty much to get over my own sh*t! I’m gonna warn you now, this is a longer post than normal so bear with me! I’ll be blunt, trying to “become a  blogger” isn’t easy. I went into this thinking I need to have an outlet for my creative, fashion loving, traveling obsessed, food enthusiastic, spastic-nerd self and well I got caught up in the “what does everyone else think/ comparison game.” Let me be honest when I say that I understand all good things come with work and dedication and I am willing to go full force with both, but for this girl sometimes the thoughts in my head can interfere with the confident woman I believe myself to be.


As a clinical therapist, I preach to the adolescents, teens, young women, and older women I work with about the importance of loving ourselves and being confident in who we are. What happened is I was teaching it to clients and forgetting about it myself. I started to feel overwhelmed thinking about gaining followers, having the best outfit, having a professional photo, designer buys, my body, and the “idea” of blogging. I really started to get a bit anxious. I thought I could manage my full-time job, start a fashion/lifestyle blog, take care of my home and family, oh and PLAN A WEDDING all at the same time without freaking out! Who was I kidding?? Only *myself* I lost site of what this blog was supposed to be, fun!


I consider myself a strong, confident, determined woman. I like the way I look on most days, I have an amazing life full of wonderful friends, family, and the best fiancé a girl could ask for, but still… I was feeling like I wasn’t enough. I found that I was scrolling through IG comparing myself to these bloggers with 300,000 followers and I felt “less than.” I started to feel like my body wasn’t beautiful, that I was “fatter” than usual, that my hair looked blah, and that I didn’t have the talent needed to help others with fashion and advice. I stopped working out, haven’t eaten the best, stopped planning posts ahead of time, haven’t taken a new photo, haven’t thought of a fun blog idea, and spent my time with work and some wedding planning. I can’t even blame my lack of blogging on my lack of time- because let’s be real if you want to do something bad enough you will make the time for it! My overwhelming self-doubt took over and I started to think of giving up. I spent the past 3 weeks looking at wedding venues, working, and getting caught up in the “give up” game. Well, today that changes. I am going to continue to write this blog even if my dad and BFF are the only ones who actually read it. I am going to take chances and throw myself out there. I am going to dedicate more time to the things I love and less time to worrying about what others might love. I am going to be as confident as the 8-year-old girl in the picture below is. And if no one follows, no one comments, and I end up spending time doing this only for myself and 3 readers, well then that’s okay to me!


** above photo is a glamour shot I took with my mom when I was about 8 years old. I remember the day perfectly and remember telling my mom I was gonna be a model because taking pictures is fun. So let’s use that positive energy for this blog.

More fun pics and topics to come!


lots of love

dani ❤

2018… Resolutions or Not

Real Talk… I continue to hear the phrase “new year new me” and to be honest with you I hate that phrase. Why does it need to be a “new you?” Why can’t it be same person just happier? I often find that I struggle with setting New Years resolutions then feel defeated at the end of the year if they’re not achieved. Don’t get me wrong, I think goal setting is imperative for self improvement, but this concept of a resolution just for a new year has too much of a weighted stigma.

I’m going to be real with you… the first week of January I didn’t work out, I ate unhealthy and too much, drank more alcohol than usual, and did not focus on productivity. I took the week off from blogging cause I was feeling “where is this going…”

In therapy I practice with my clients how to set SMART goals (goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time oriented). In my opinion this is a great way to set goals. I work with them on how to stay motivated and how to achieve. I continuously help others to be their best self, but honestly this past month or so I wasn’t helping myself. So for this new year I am not setting a resolution but instead I’m setting a goal to be the happiest self I can be.

For me being happy encompasses being healthy, feeling accomplished, staying active and motivated, giving love and time to my family/friends, and for this year planning a damn wedding!

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to set my goal for a happy 2018 and work each day to make it happen. Today started with this post… tomorrow cleaning out my closet. 😉

Do any of you ever feel this way? Who else is dragging their feet on getting started for 2018?



California Dreamin… Napa

Our latest vacation was more than I could have ever dreamed it to be. Josh and I went to San Fransico and Napa Valley with his parents and it turned into the best trip of my life, despite all the obstacles.

Let me explain what I mean by “obstacles.” We had originally planned to take this trip in September, however, Hurricane Irma decided to put a stop to that. After a bit of disappointment and worry, Josh’s mom (Catherine) went to work and managed to reschedule the ENTIRE trip!

We made it to Cali mid-October and to our dismay, our first night in Napa was the night of the historic fires and windstorm- “obstacles”!


Our first day in Napa we made it to two wineries and had a beautiful day.


Nickel & Nickel was the first winery and my very first wine tasting and it did not disappoint! It was beautiful. We decided to do the tour paired with the tasting and I learned so much about how wine was made.


The tour started in the main house where you were given some white wine in the den as the group gathered. This winery in a beautiful colonial home and barn in the back where the wine is produced. After sipping some wine, you are brought to the barn. This is where the lesson of wine production from soil to bottle is given. It was very informative.


The wine tasting area was in the dining room of the estate and it was intimate and a wonderful experience. Our guide went through each glass of wine (these were no little tastes) and helped us learn which wine best suited our individual palate.


It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend checking them out if you love cabernet and you’re in Napa!

We ate lunch at the Rutherford Grill and it was delicious! Definitely needed some lunch (carbs) after drinking all that wine 🙂

The second winery for the day was Frogs Leap. we decided to just do a tasting here instead of a tour as we had already experienced an in-depth tour that day.


We sat outside and the weather was AMAZING. Ther service was wonderful and our glasses were full! All in all, frogs leap was a fantastic experience!


Day 2:

This day came as a bit of a surprise for us. Our driver, Raul showed up bright and early Monday morning to take us to our first tour and explained to us that due to the extent and severity of the fires that occurred the night before, much of the city had no power and many places were closed. Our driver was through Napa-Sonoma Wine Tasting Driver company. I would highly recommend them. The driver came to the house we were staying and for $25 an hour-drove our car (don’t want any DUI’s here, don’t risk it driving). Our driver’s name was Raul and he made our trip!

All of the vineyards we had scheduled this day and for the rest of the trip were closed due to the fires. Raul did not let that stop him. He took us through back roads and was persistent in finding places to be open and let us try some wine!

First stop was Allora Vineyards. The owner of the estate was very kind and provided us with a private tasting in his barrel cave despite his not having electricity. We completed our tasting using the flashlight of our phones, it was a great experience! Allora is a special vineyard as they do not distribute their wine commercially. You have to become a member and order their wine directly. We made sure to order some and their custom wine glasses that are created to aerate the wine perfectly!



Next stop was William Cole. This was a more casual vineyard run by father and son. Here we got to crush grapes and experience a tasting in their barn.


After William Cole we went to Peju. Here we did a tasting and again sat outdoors. They were extremely accommodating and very friendly. They were full and with most wineries being closed they were running all around making sure everyone had wine and were taken care of. Their outdoor space with beautiful with lilac (or lavender I still don’t know) all around it.


3 wineries in one day were more than enough for me! For dinner, we went to Cole’s Chop House and would highly recommend it! The steak was delicious and the scenery was great.


Day 3:

This was our final day in Napa and it was magical. This is the day Josh asked me to marry him! Obviously, I’m a bit biased, but this was the best day in my opinion. 😉

Our first stop was Del Dotto and it was magical! we did a full cave tour and tasting. This is their “estate” location in St. Helena. They have three locations in the area, but this is the most gorgeous one. They provided us with pizza and apps (more than any other tour or tasting) and it was an amazing tour. The wine was the best!! Trust me, if you are in Napa go here. There is no chance you can be disappointed.


Sneak peak… this is where we got engaged. More about that to come…

After Del Dotto, we went to Silver Oak. I will admit this visit was a bit of a blur. I spent most of the time on the phone with family and friends announcing our engagement.


There was a lot of smoke and ash outdoors due to the fires still going on. Picture quality was tough and this was all I was able to capture or Silver Oak. Luckily I was able to come home with 4 souvenir wine glasses!

Our final stop was Turnbull Winery. It was a more modern winery that offered a tasting with no tour. They were great! They had a great outdoor area where they grow fruit (pomegranates which were my mother’s favorite) and veggies. The property was beautiful and the art inside was from all local artists!


We stayed in a house in Napa we found through VRBO and it was great. The homeowner was the best and met up with us for some wine! It was in a great location (close to oxbo market… a must see/eat)… close to everything. It was clean and nice. Free wifi, full kitchen, and a cute backyard area. It’s the location Josh and I took our announcement pic! If you’re interested in booking the house let me know and I will give you the direct link.

Anyone been to Napa? What was your favorite vineyard/winery? I’d love  to hear about about your experiences!




Healthy and Easy Egg Muffins…


I wanted to share with you all a staple in my house. Egg muffins or mini egg frittatas. I started with this easy recipe from Pop Sugar (link here). I love their site. They have awesome exercise tips, videos, and recipes!



I make these a bit different every time. Sometimes I use mushrooms, spinach, and other veggies. Sometimes I use ham and cheese. I have also used feta cheese, greek olives, and onion. Anyway you make them they will taste great.


My secret egg ingredient (I learned from my brother who always makes his eggs crazy) is mustard powder! Yup… makes eggs taste amazing. From scrambled, omelets, or egg salad. It adds a nice flavor kick.


Prep is minimal for this. Depending on what I mix in I will sometimes saute before baking. Most recipes call for piling it all in together and just baking (this is clearly the easier route). untitled-9550-1

Doak always likes to try and play sous chef. This never works and I usually have to kick him out of the kitchen.


The best part of these is they last all week. I cook extra, put them in a container pop them in the fridge, and then grab and go in the morning. Sometimes I will heat them in the microwave for about 15 seconds just to take the chill off, but they taste great even when they’re not hot. It’s so easy for a quick breakfast on the go, before a workout, after one, or if you’re rushing out to work. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!

What are your go-to recipes? I’d love to hear what’s cooking in your kitchen!





Face2Face Studios

I wanted to take some time to share with you all another local spot I am obsessed with, Face2Face studios. My girl Luci is the owner of the studio and man is she a boss babe!

I was at their 3-year celebration event and it was a blast! The studio provides rentals for photo shoots, events such as bridal showers, has a lash studio, a rooftop, and full salon.



face2face 2

During the anniversary party, my photog babe Steph from SLP studios and my friend Kristen were there to celebrate the fun. Luci had every guest paint a part of her mural on the wall to leave a piece of themselves behind. It was amazing!




Luci is also responsible for fixing my hair. Guys, I bought a Groupon a while back and tried to be “cheap” with my hair and man did I pay the price, yikes! My girl Luci was able to fix me up. She completed a color melt transformation that allows me to have lower maintenance and stay out of the salon as much. We all know hair care can be a pocket breaker, but Luci made it so I can come less and still look great!

I normally don’t like my hair straight, but with Luci’s blow out I was not ashamed to selfie!

If you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area ( and soon LA, Cali) and need a full-service salon, event place, or wedding hair and make-up, oh and lashes too (thats next for me)… head on over to Face2Face studios and ask for Luci. I promise you won’t regret it!



Let’s Get Organized…

Do you ever feel like you are moving a mile a minute and still not getting things done?


I used to feel that way all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-profile CEO or a stay at home mom, managing a daily schedule is extremely important. Writing things down and making a planned agenda DAILY has been proven to help people be more efficient. I know I am always wishing I had just 25 hours in a day saying, “just one more hour would give me the time to get it all done.” Well, that was when I was unfocused and unorganized. I know it may sound “type A” and perhaps it is, but I would die without my planner.

agenda tj maxx

Let me clarify how you can turn a simple agenda into a lifesaver. Keep all your notes in one place! I used to have a grocery list here, a to-do list there, reminders in my phone. Everything was all over the place and I thought I was organized. Sure, I was writing it all down, but I wasn’t keeping it in one place and half of the time I wasn’t looking at my lists. I try and pick an agenda that has all the holiday written in, has a compartment or folder to hold extra papers, has a monthly calendar and also a daily one. Like this TJ Maxx agenda that’s only $7.99 or this Target agenda  for under $20.

target agenda

I normally score an agenda at Tj Maxx or Marshalls and I typically switch it over with the coming new school year. Even though I haven’t been in school in what feels like a gazillion years, I like to keep an agenda in that format because I find these ones have more options.

So let’s get organized, write something that motivates you, check your agenda daily. Write your days reflections at night when preparing for the next day. I promise you, you will feel more organized and use your time more wisely this way!

Happy Planning!



Monday motivation with Funk & Flow…

Hey all,

I’m posting about my good friend Jessi and her grand opening of her very own Yoga studio. I could not be more proud of her and this venture.

class pic

As young women we can easily become discouraged from starting our own business and becoming entrepreneurs and this gal has faced those fears and made it happen. I had a chance to go on opening day and tried the “feel good flow” class, it was amazing ( and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend)! Yoga has a way of setting the mood for your day or clearing your mind after a long day.  I am a big believer in the benefits of meditation and yoga and always feel great after a class!

Ladies we need to stick together and support one another. If you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area, check it out- I promise you won’t be disappointed. Jessi is offering first class free, and there are plenty of amazing promo deals you can grab until 8/1!


1215 NE 17th Court, Ft. Lauderdale FL



Keeping it Clean…

peonies pink

Okay,  I will admit it: I’m a neat freak! And honestly, I am not going to apologize for it. I enjoy having a clean house and have learned that clutter causes depression and mental confusion. For me keeping the house clean is enjoyable. I don’t view it as a chore. I realize for others that’s not the case.

For those of you that struggle to keep things clean, I can help! I’ve created a checklist for myself and am going to share with you all in an effort to help get you into the cleaning mode.


Here’s the deal, when you create a checklist and a cleaning schedule you will find it creates a habit. Once you do your cleaning in an organized fashion for a month you will see, it gets easier and less stressful. You will notice how much more productive you can be and how quickly you will be able to keep things clean.

Here are some additional cleaning templates I found on Pinterest, they didn’t seem to work for me but thought I’d share.



TCB Printable Cleaning Planner


stay clean peeps