Style on a Budget… Camo Casual

Style on a Budget with Target and Abercrombie!


Although I am not ready to let go of summer and living in FL affords me the ability to wear summer pieces for a bit longer, I wanted to show a casual transition into fall look. This Target camo muscle shirt is only $19 and super comfy. I actually wore it out for a casual happy hour and have worn it with ripped jean shorts for a fun summer look too. It can be paired many ways. It runs big so size down. I’m wearing a small and like the extra size for a looser/longer look. 


For this look, I’ve paired it with my favorite jeggings.  I love Abercrombie jeans and always have. Along with American Eagle, I find they fit great and are always reasonably priced. This pair, Abercrombie jean legging along with all their other jeans are on sale for $39! Stock up while you can. I chose the high-rise option, but also have the low-rise ones. It’s completely up to your preference. I like the high-rise option to help me feel thinner on days I’m feeling a little bloated. 😉


These Tory Burch espadrilles are a bit of a splurge, but completely worth it. Nordstrom has some other’s that are on sale for summer I’d be sure to grab. These shoes are great; they’re comfortable, look good, and can be styled so many ways. 

Here are a couple other ones that I love that are currently on sale.

Risa Tory Burch flat 

risa flat

Laguna Tory Burch flat

laguna flat


Let me know what you guys think of Camo and this look… like always I’d love to hear your style!



Friday Favorites 9.1

Hey Guys,

Friday Favorites is going down… lots of goodies below. 

1. Loft Satin Joggers : I have been obsessing over joggers and comfy pants lately. These are great because you can dress them up for work, but also keep a relaxed look as I did below. I featured this pair because they are still in stock and on sale from Loft.  Check out my previous post, Loft Loves Double Dose for a more detailed look at this outfit!


2. Fresh Flowers:  I have been keeping fresh flowers in the house all summer long and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Having fresh blooms in the house always makes me feel happy. Even if things aren’t the tidiest, looking at beautiful flowers helps make my house feel more like a home! These are a beautiful bouquet Josh brought home for our anniversary and man have they really bloomed! I love them. I typically get flowers each week when I head to Trader Joe’s for my weekly shopping trip. They have a great selection and you can’t beat the price. Reason number 1 billion why I love TJ’s!


3. Oreo Thins: WARNING… these are addicting. I was gonna get a cute shot of me opening them to include, but then I realized I’ve almost eaten the whole box. Nabisco,  you’ve really outdone yourselves with these. They are lighter than a regular oreo and in my opinion pack more flavor. I think next time I’ll portion them out in snack bags to help control myself. I grabbed these at our local grocery store, but I’ve seen them at Target also. 


4. Game of Thrones:  I know, I know. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about GOT. This HBO series has people all stirred up, including me! Josh and I finallllly finished the season finale last night and it did not disappoint. I was at the edge of my seat every minute. For those of you that have never watched, give it a try. Start with the first season and pay attention. Character building grows throughout each season. I don’t want to give anything away, but this fantasy series will have you dreaming of this mythical story (honestly I have had dragon dreams, lol). 


Hope you enjoyed this weeks round up! Have an amazing holiday weekend and enjoy your time off. I’ll be heading to Sarasota to spend time with my family. My IG and Facebook feed will be flooded with pics of my beautiful nieces.



Loft Loves Double Dose

Since Loft sale is too good to pass up, I’m posting about it twice in one week!! 


I love a simple casual, but still put together look for every day. Joggers and sneaks are a go to for me. These Satin Joggers are on sale $20 off (no code needed) in this coastal gray color. They are also available in deep cobalt blue (yes I’m going to get that color too, I can’t help myself). The cobalt blue color is on sale for $59.99 plus 50% off!! Holy cow… less than $30. 


I paired them with this Target softest V-neck. I love the basic Tee’s from Target and normally wait til they are 3 for $21 to grab a couple. I tied it up for this look to create a more polished look on a casual style. 

The sneakers are a throw back, all time fave! They are the Adidas Neo Advantage sneaker, I got them at DSW for under $60. They have them in stock, all sizes and other color options. 


Let me know how you keep it casual? I’d love to get some great fashion ideas from my followers too!

As always… styling on a budget!



Style on a budget… Loft Loves

Hey guys,

Style on a Budget post is here and it’s HOTTTTT… Loft is having a major sale and you won’t wanna miss it! For those of you that aren’t familiar, Loft is part of the Ann Taylor company!


End of summer is a great time to stock up on last minute summer goods. Loft is a favorite store of mine for so many reasons. They always have affordable style, their selection is great, and on a personal note I worked there through grad school and LOVED it!

Right now these Summer Floral Fluid Crop Pants and Lace Tee  are on sale for 50% off of the sale price and free shipping after $50. This is MAJOR. Loft usually has free shipping on orders of $125 or more, so the drop to $50 is a great time to grab last minute summer needs. 


These pants are wonderful cause they are loose and the pattern is flattering for any body type. I plan on wearing them past the summer season, they’re more versatile than you think. You can pull the deeper red, teal, and navy for a fall look too (don’t worry I’ll show you that in a later post). 


This would be a great twist on a traditional Labor Day look. This Lace Tee   is great. It’s a shell so you can pair with any white tank underneath. I’ve seen some bolder people wear a colored tank underneath, whatever works for you! 

This Kate Spade bag is from a couple years ago. It’s my favorite pop of color summer bag. I found a similar look for you here, Kate Spade Teegan Bag

These 70’s inspired wedges are also on sale! DSW is a great source for any shoe need. Check these out, Vicky Wedge they also come in hunter green! Heres a cute pair of Loft Straw Wedges that are also on super sale!


Leave a comment and let me know if you score any goodies from the Loft sale!

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Friday Favorites 8.25

Woohoo! Another successful week. It was a busy week around here! Hope you all have some rest, relaxation, and fun planned for your weekend! I’ve rounded up some goodies for you for this Friday Favorites post… check ’em out.


1. Trader Joe’s  Coconut Oil Spray: Let me start by saying I was never a fan of Pam and oil sprays. This one is completely different. It doesn’t have that toxic odor when sprayed, it is lighter and made of 100% coconut oil (so less fattening), and it works the same if not better. I’ve had friends ask me if it adds a coconut taste to the food and I haven’t noticed it. If you ask Josh he’d say yes, but only cause he’s a skeptic of any healthy alternative I try to implement. 😉 I’m sure you can find a coconut oil spray of other brands at your local grocery store if you don’t have a TJ’s close by. I drive about 20 mins to my TJ’s weekly cause I can’t beat the quality and prices.




2. A Local Adventure: So I started trying to go to a new place that offers something awesome right here in our community. When my bro and sis were visiting I knew I had to take them to Wynwood Walls in Miami. My sister Jada was able to capture some great shots. Best part… the whole day was free! We explored outdoor art and warehouse galleries. It was amazing. Wynwood features artist from all over the world and changes every couple of months so it’s worth going back to. What do you have in your community that you can explore? Stay tuned for a full post featuring everything we did while in Miami!!

3. Frosé: This is a summer favorite drink. I know summer is coming to an end but there’s still time people and if you haven’t tried this its a must! I had this one at Tap 42 in Boca Raton (they also have a location in Ft. Lauderdale) with friends on Saturday and it was a good one. Sometimes Frosé can be too sweet, but this was perfect. I’ve also made some homemade versions. Cosmopolitan Mag has some great DIY recipes (click the link to explore). I will share more recipes as I find some and try out some good ones… looking for a watermelon version as we speak!


4. Ray Donovan: Ok keeping up with tradition my weekly weakness TV show has been Ray Donovan on Showtime. It’s back and better than ever this season. It airs Sunday nights at 9 and they’re currently running season 5. This is a suspenseful thriller that will have you shaking your head in disbelief, but coming back for more. Josh and I can binge 5 episodes in one day! Warning, this is not child appropriate so for the families put the kiddos to bed then tune in. Let me know what you think if you start to watch or already do watch!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s post!




Style on a Budget with American Eagle



Hey Hey Hey,

Cheers to Style on a Budget posts. I know I’ve shared most posts with Target, but today I’m sharing a little secret with ya- I still shop at American Eagle. Yes, that’s right the store that is targeted towards teens is really a hidden gem for all ages!



I’m sharing this AE cut-out maxi which is currently in stock in all sizes and comes in two colors (the blue shown here and black). Best part, it’s on sale for $35!!!!


I styled it knotted at the bottom because I felt it was a bit short for my height and have been knotting and tying things up all summer. My bestie suggested I knot this dress and boom it made for a perfect style trick. I’ve done this with other dresses I feared were a bit sort and each time looks great. The dress has adjustable straps and an elastic band added for comfort. It’s cut just right so you can still wear a strapless bra if you prefer and it won’t show. I plan to transition this look with a denim jacket for fall too!!

Let me know what you think!



Let’s Get Organized…

Do you ever feel like you are moving a mile a minute and still not getting things done?


I used to feel that way all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-profile CEO or a stay at home mom, managing a daily schedule is extremely important. Writing things down and making a planned agenda DAILY has been proven to help people be more efficient. I know I am always wishing I had just 25 hours in a day saying, “just one more hour would give me the time to get it all done.” Well, that was when I was unfocused and unorganized. I know it may sound “type A” and perhaps it is, but I would die without my planner.

agenda tj maxx

Let me clarify how you can turn a simple agenda into a lifesaver. Keep all your notes in one place! I used to have a grocery list here, a to-do list there, reminders in my phone. Everything was all over the place and I thought I was organized. Sure, I was writing it all down, but I wasn’t keeping it in one place and half of the time I wasn’t looking at my lists. I try and pick an agenda that has all the holiday written in, has a compartment or folder to hold extra papers, has a monthly calendar and also a daily one. Like this TJ Maxx agenda that’s only $7.99 or this Target agenda  for under $20.

target agenda

I normally score an agenda at Tj Maxx or Marshalls and I typically switch it over with the coming new school year. Even though I haven’t been in school in what feels like a gazillion years, I like to keep an agenda in that format because I find these ones have more options.

So let’s get organized, write something that motivates you, check your agenda daily. Write your days reflections at night when preparing for the next day. I promise you, you will feel more organized and use your time more wisely this way!

Happy Planning!