Style on a Budget Tuesday… Romper Craze


Ladies are you in love with rompers as much as I am? I can’t get enough. They’re super simple, throw on and you have a complete outfit.I love that you can dress them up or down. This romper is perfect for summer and budget friendly!


Let’s talk about this look.  The romper is Target style for only $30! It’s comfortable and perfect for hot summer days/nights. I paired it with this Target purse which is also only $30. I’m loving this bag this summer. It has a strap for crossbody use as well.

They even have a mini version… check it out here

Add wedges or flats and for me, of course, a hat 😉 and you are good to go!


Keeping it Clean…

peonies pink

Okay,  I will admit it: I’m a neat freak! And honestly, I am not going to apologize for it. I enjoy having a clean house and have learned that clutter causes depression and mental confusion. For me keeping the house clean is enjoyable. I don’t view it as a chore. I realize for others that’s not the case.

For those of you that struggle to keep things clean, I can help! I’ve created a checklist for myself and am going to share with you all in an effort to help get you into the cleaning mode.


Here’s the deal, when you create a checklist and a cleaning schedule you will find it creates a habit. Once you do your cleaning in an organized fashion for a month you will see, it gets easier and less stressful. You will notice how much more productive you can be and how quickly you will be able to keep things clean.

Here are some additional cleaning templates I found on Pinterest, they didn’t seem to work for me but thought I’d share.



TCB Printable Cleaning Planner


stay clean peeps

Styling with Marshalls

Ladies… I don’t know about you but there is something I love about finding great deals and amazing brands from Marshalls.  It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can put a cute outfit together and stay within a budget.

I recently discovered a brand called Tresics for basic tanks and tops. At Marshalls today I found these peplum dreams! Best part only $12.99, no I am not kidding 😉



(clearly still not sure what face to make for blog selfies)



These can be styled with white jeans as I’ve shown above or with light wash denim jeans or shorts.

My dilemma… do I keep both colors or return one? I always seem to doubt myself when it comes to buying two of the same thing. What do you guys think… coral, blush or both?! Comment below or on my Instagram and Facebook to let me know what you think!

Getting back on track…

Hey guys, so today I needed a serious boost and thought I would share my little challenge with you all.

Today I start a 7 day no alcohol/ eating right challenge. Sometimes I feel I really beat my body up; I drink too much, eat junk food or gorge on fatty things, and I forget to exercise. Starting the week off right is a big deal for me and yesterday I planned some healthy kick starters for my week.

Wanna join along?

I pledge to not drink alcohol all week (including the weekend 😦 ), to exercise 5 x’s, and to eat right!


Here’s my healthy start… Avocado toast (my way).

1 slice of Ezekiel bread, half avocado mashed, sliced tomato, chia seeds, 1 hard boiled egg, and a little green tabasco sauce to spice it up!

Now off to Barre class at Evolution Yoga in coconut creek!

How will you guys kickstart your week? Let me know 🙂

4th of July’s styling on a budget…


Ok so let’s talk about Target and their amazing style deals and how you can make some great outfits for summer.

Love a pop of color with these sear sucker shorts. And best part this entire outfit is about $30! Thanks Target.  Throw on some old faithful chucks and you’re ready to go 😉



Next look is this maxi romper, it’s great for a more dressed up occasion. It’s also only $30 from target 👯  I added a pop of color for the holiday with this blue hat. For me, I need a hat to complete the outfit, but this romper is fabulous without the hat too!

Doak (our rescue pup) was excited to be included in these pics 😊


This look is a bit different. Tie up a cute white tank with some colorful fun joggers and boom you’re ready for a fun 4th of July BBQ 🎉🎉  All budget friendly.

Ok last look…. even though I can go on and on. Excuse the shameless selfie, I still haven’t gotten the angle down.  This one is an older romper from Forever 21 but I saw similar ones online at H&M and Target has some great ones too. I love taking a chance with all around color and surprise no hat!

What are you guys wearing for the holiday weekend? Share a comment on what you think… I’d love to hear from you!



stay safe



We got this Wednesday…

quitting quote

We all get down in the dumps and feel the stress of “results.”  If there’s one thing I learned it’s that “we are our own worst enemy.” I notice that come Wednesday I am already looking for the weekend, why?

It’s because we put so much pressure on ourselves during the week. And for what? Today is the middle of a week filled with continuous opportunities. Don’t get down on yourself – instead, push yourself!

For me, this week I was hard on myself. I set a goal of going to the gym 5 days this week. Well, truth be told, today was my first day. I was getting down on myself then I realized… I have 3 days left in the week and the best thing to do is make it to the gym again tomorrow.

I don’t know about you, but I do this with a lot of things in my life.  It’s always the hardest things to stay consistent with- eating healthy, cooking, budgeting, cleaning the house, and getting my checklist done.  Instead of beating ourselves up, let’s motivate from within!

So today I am celebrating my workout, going to tackle something from my list and will enjoy my glass of wine before bed 😉

What are you doing to tackle this hump day?!



Styling on a budget…


Alright ladies, today’s outfit post is a fave of mine. This jumper is perfect for summer- brunch, shopping, or any summer occasion.  Dress it up or keep it casual. I’ve already worn it 5 times since I bought it 😳

Are you ready for the best part?! It’s super affordable only $30 and you can get it at Target! @target @targetstyle




It’s great with sandals or wedges! Oh and do you love this bag? It holds more then you think… and yes it’s from target too and only $30! I know, amazing!


Did I mention the straps are adjustable? Yup. I’m wearing a size small.


Ok I could go on and on, but you get the point. Amazing summer jumper-  culotte style,  split in the front. Comfortable and affordable! All part of my Styling on a Budget posts. Comment below to let me know how you would style it 😘👯

ps stay cool,